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Data Science 

We are always looking for skilled and motivated interns for our Data Science team. Our team tries to unleash the power of the huge amounts of available data (like annual reports, staff details, turnover data, news articles, web data and other relevant facts) using various (machine learning) models and tools. is the market leader in deepening, interpreting and presenting versatile strategic business information that our customers use to guide marketing and policy. To this end we build high-traffic API’s that give our clients real-time access to company information in more than twenty knowledge domains. We work with the latest technologies across flat structures and we love to see our people take the initiative so that we can take on the world. Right now we’re looking for a intern who can stand out within this environment and help us deliver the highest standards of service and innovation to demanding corporate customers. Does that sound like you?

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Some of the things we work on: 

  • Sentiment detection, topic classification and entity linking on news articles 
  • Predicting turnover and employee numbers for companies 
  • Automatically assigning sector codes to companies based on textual data 
  • Keyword and person extraction on company websites 

The outcomes of these projects allow us to enrich the data we have on companies. In turn, our customers can quickly see if a certain company had a lot of negative publicity. Or it makes search more relevant by predicting that a financial holding is actually a supermarket chain. 

We have quite a few different projects to work on. Some examples are: 

  • Keyword extraction from company websites 
  • Cross language transfer learning for entity recognition 
  • Forecasting of company financials 

If you would like more details on the potential projects, send a short (!) message to We’re also open to discuss other projects, as long as there is a good fit with our data, business or the tools and technology we (would like to) use. 

 Key technical skills and requirements

  • You’re currently doing a master in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Computer Science or another relevant field 
  • You are available to work on the internships for a minimum of 3 months full-time 
  • Some experience with software development is required, preferable in Python 
  • You need to have hands-on experience with machine learning;
    • Preferably you have experience in any of the following fields: natural language processing (specifically document classification, named entity recognition and entity linking), time series analysis/prediction, or information retrieval
    • Preferably you have used some of the packages we use like Scikit-learn, Pandas, Tensorflow, Numpy, Scipy or transformers 

Our offer to you 
We have a great team of 4 data scientists, with which you’ll be able to work together on a daily basis. One of them will supervise the project, but you will interact with the others as well. 

We will pay your travel expenses, a monthly compensation of €375,- and you can use a company laptop. 

We organize drinks and activities , and guarantee a lot of fun!

Our brand-new office, which is near the Overamstel metro station, opened this spring. Hopefully we’ll be able to work from the office again soon, but that is of course dependent on the corona measures. 



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