Peyman Afraz

"Every day I feel like I’m working with my family members"

Peyman joined the club one year ago as the Webservices Team Lead. He moved all the way from Iran to the Netherlands, together with his wife. Was the move worth it? Oh yes! “ is one of those rare companies which is not afraid of using new technologies and trying to improve every day. This fits my passion for making things better all the time".

A diverse job

As team lead for Webservices - one of our product lines, it’s my job to help each member of the team to perform at a high level. I coach them to ensure we achieve goals and milestones on time and to a great standard. More specifically, I assist them in making the right decisions, ensuring IT architecture is correct and also guiding them to get the most out of modern technology. I improve processes and work hard to strike a balance between maintaining the current system and innovating with new technologies. On the technical side, I’m responsible for designing new features for our customers. While the job is diverse, my main focus day-to-day is managing the team and making sure everyone feels supported!

Working with new technologies and tools every day

The part of my job which I get the most excited about is implementing and using new technologies on a daily basis. The managers, teams and developers at are willing to innovate rapidly. For example, the main programming language used at is Golang, and we’ve been implementing new tools such as Apache Kafka and new technologies like API gateways TYK. An innovation we’re working on right now is developing an API platform 2.0. This platform is being built entirely from scratch with new technologies and a brand new IT architecture. So lots of new and cool exciting projects are going on here! Even though improving and making changes is a good thing, we always need to be aware of the effect our developments can have on customers. We have thorough guidelines and policies in place to make sure that the rate of innovation isn’t so rapid that it harms our customers or their services. The guidelines also ensure that we handle sensitive data with the utmost caution as well as outlining requirements and standards for high quality services.

Enough space for fun

What makes me laugh most at work? GIF’s during online meetings. Sometimes it’s like we’re in a GIF competition trying to surpass each other. This makes online meetings fun. Even my cat likes them. He jumps on my desk all the time. It feels like he’s working at too. Every morning we invite him to give his updates during our stand up meetings. He also joins discussions we’re having by meowing and scratching the screen. When he does so, we know the solution we want to implement is a good idea. ;)

"Implementing new technologies and improvements are things I really like to do. gives me the freedom and trust to do so." feels like family

You may have already noticed that for me, a crucial element in the culture of is the fun. Having fun at work is one of our core values and it’s one of the main reasons I wanted to work for My colleagues are like family. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help. I’m always learning from my colleagues. Everyone is enthusiastic about helping each other with their diverse range of expertise to get the job done. For example, when I came to The Netherlands, I had no idea about the Dutch business data and legal structures here. I was able to ask a lot of questions about this to my colleagues and get a good grasp of the topic in no time. Because of the culture, I feel very at home at It makes me feel proud to work here.

Everyone in the team has a positive mindset

My team also makes me really proud to work here. Currently we’re looking for new colleagues to expand the team. These days, developers are really hard to find because of the huge market and the increasing demand. Nevertheless, we’re overperforming every quarter. That’s because we’re never afraid of doing big things. Colleagues or clients could come up with any question or issue. We’ll manage to find a solution to make it work. That’s a good characteristic of the team. We all have a positive mindset and we’re motivated to deliver good results. Nobody at is afraid of making mistakes, because we believe that making mistakes is a crucial part of learning. As a result, there’s always a high level of trust, connection and support in the team.