Tamar Goldring

"Sometimes you come to a place that immediately feels like home"

Last spring, Tamar Goldring moved from Cyprus to the Netherlands to join the Company.info family. This cheerful lady, who works as a BI Developer, found the best of both worlds. “Before I was a developer and I also worked in sales for many years. Now I can combine my love for numbers and people in one job!”

Easy choice

“The first time I heard about Company.info was from a recruiter I was working with. During my interviews, I had several offers from different companies. But there was something special about the vibe and the people here at Company.info. I was mostly impressed by the people who interviewed me, especially their passion for delivering real value to their customers. And their approach to doing things in a professional way. So after the interview, I was like: Yes I want to work here, with these people! It was an easy choice. I think I have a lot to give and they have a lot to give me back. So it felt like a win-win situation.”

A job that gives you energy

“As a BI Developer, I have a diverse job that has everything to do with data. From creating dashboards to generating reports and insights for our customers. From analysing data points to building data flows and modelling data. I get tons of energy from improving existing dashboards and reports for our customers, that’s when I thrive in my role. When our consultants get back to me telling me our customers are happy, those really are the best moments for me at Company.info. Apart from data, numbers and analysing, I have a lot of interaction with people. My second love! Since I’m a real live wire who tends to go for everything in life, I need the energy of having people around me.”

All teams are highly collaborative and we get to engage with each other a lot. Sometimes, I feel like it's just one big family.”

Working with multicultural, collaborative teams

“Our team, Marketing Intelligence, is a diverse team of individuals from all over the world. We have different nationalities, mentalities and cultures; which is super-fun to work with. Our day to day is full of either highly professional discussions, or fun, laughs and good vibes. Even though we behave in a very easy-going way, when it’s time to get things done professionally then it’s time to get serious. And that is exactly the atmosphere at Company.info. Hands-on mentality, full of openness, directness and also good times. All teams are highly collaborative and we get to engage with each other a lot and make new friendships. Sometimes, I feel like it's just one big family.”

Fun, trust and innovation at all times

“The core values of Company.info are integrated into pretty much everything we do. We work hard, but we always have fun and you can definitely feel and witness that. There are countless number of teambuilding events, company-wide offsite events, drinks and much more. Those events help us connect on a regular basis, even with some individuals who we don't get to collaborate with more frequently. We also have a core value of trust – which in my opinion is a reflection of how accurate we strive to be at all times. Quality checking on a regular basis, making data-driven decisions and communicating with each other in a very open and direct way. Including when it's time for some feedback. Last but not least: we always try to innovate by finding new tools, new ways, procedures or technologies. We use the latest tech-stacks and have frequent brainstorming sessions to raise new ideas.”

Proud as a peacock

“You know what I am very proud of? The fact that we do awesome stuff for some of the biggest companies in the Dutch market. We are able to ship and deliver our data and tools to brands we all know and hear about here in the Netherlands. This shows that we have quality data. But I like the fact that we reach smaller companies as well. I think overall it’s just amazing that our data is helping companies to improve their business!”